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Image Ad Blending Works Really, Really Well | Kalzumeus Software

oogle AdWords, so I’m already saturating them (and paying a cut to Google), or they only accept advertising through large networks, which tend to favor e.g. brands with $X00k marketing spends and not guys who want to experiment with a few hundred bucks at a time.  I’m following up on the advice to get in touch with smaller sites directly, but I need to hit the sweet spot of “Small enough for my $X00 to matter, large enough that they send me enough traffic such that my time in negotiating an ad buy and preparing a creative is worthwhile.”  For an experiment that looks like it will net in the neighborhood of $1,000 a month in sales for $135 and ~10 minutes of pixel pushing, this one is going in the win column.  I hope to get bigger and better results later.
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